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Trish Maguire

Founder of Synergyx Solutions

Who We Are

Synergyx Solutions is a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Consulting practice. With over 30 years of dedicated experience and discoveries about personal and organizational leadership Trish Maguire founded Synergyx Solutions in 2004. Our express purpose is to co-partner with leaders to create and promote winning cultures. As people keep on seeing their work be increasingly voluminous, ever-shifting, more complex and progressively more ambiguous, our unique touchstone Leadershift in Action is a call to everyone – individuals, teams and leaders for changing the game .

It used to be that Continuous Improvement was about being more efficient and often within cross-matrix functionalities. In today’s workplaces the pressure for greater collaboration, creativity and engagement is relentless and people’s stress levels continue to rise. We all see and experience how individuals and teams are expected to fully expedite their key priorities regardless of the constant challenge of impending floods of information and rapid, significant change. At Synergyx, our focus is on co-creating Open Trusting Partnerships with and across all levels of your organization by sharing simple Conversational Intelligence® [C-IQ] methodologies, tools and practices along with other endorsed leadership models.

C-IQ is an innovative co-blending of coaching and neuroscience that transforms corporate cultures through conversation. These higher-level conversations help build a foundation of mutual trust and safety which in turn significantly reduces fear and judgment and creates a fast track to extraordinary results. The intent is to create inclusive cultures where distrust shifts to trust and protective, territorial habits shift to curiousity, conscious connectivity and collective creativity.

Our co-partnership approach with you as a leader, individual, and/or your team promotes conversations that inspire transparency, enhance relationship building and mutual understanding, develop a shared vision of success, and create safe spaces for truth-telling and empathy. Sorry, there are no off-the-shelf solutions. While many larger firms offer cookie-cutter packages, where they try to fit you into their solution, we respect and acknowledge that your situation is unique.

As we all face incredibly accelerated and dynamic change in our workplaces, Synergyx co-partners with Vision Co-Create where the shared vision is on helping people and organizations gain greater clarity with their vision, mission and purpose. With the collective knowledge and diverse experience of both practices, clients discover how to co-develop strategies and practices to unlock potential, improve bottom-line results and achieve wide-ranging engagement with meaningful impact. The overall intention is to accelerate every client’s ability to leverage dynamic change for sustainable growth and transformation.