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Posted by Trish Maguire on May 23, 2018.
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Our world has plenty of leaders who believe in their dreams and some believe they are visionaries. What would you say makes the difference between great visionary leaders versus leaders? From my perspective, it’s about the ability to galvanize an entire organization to co-create ideas, enhance collaboration, and achieve a vision.

Over the years I have found four powerful leadership traits that together make the difference and are too frequently overlooked in leadership development: People, Purpose, Perseverance, and Patience.

Starting with People, survey after survey continue to confirm that people want to engage in a more meaningful and purposeful way. People want to be part of an open trusting work environment where sharing knowledge, ideas and concerns about the business is an established practice. With the ever growing popularity of small groups and online communities we see how people are connecting in ways that stir both their hearts and their heads. By mobilizing people’s imagination, commitment and trust, leaders can experience for themselves how a vision for a new future can be realized. I invite you to take a few minutes and think about how do you see your leadership team galvanizing the hearts and heads of your people?

With respect to Purpose, how does your leadership team ensure that people know about what your organization is striving to become, where it’s headed and most significantly where they fit with the overall business goals and aspirations? I’ve learned that when people understand the organization’s purpose and identify with how and where their goals and objectives fit, they connect far more positively with their co-workers and are willing to collaborate far more strategically. How would you describe what excites your leadership team the most? How do they share your organization’s purpose and that excitement with your people? How effective are they at finding ways to align people’s passion with their day-to-day tasks and activities in conjunction with the organization’s purpose? With the ever-increasing insights we gain through Neuroscience research the reality is that when people see and feel that excitement, that passion, it ignites the very core of what fuels their creativity and sense of purpose.

The third important trait and one that is beginning to be addressed in some organizations I co-partner with is Perseverance. How many times do you hear stories from your friends and colleagues that sound very similar to the challenges you experience in your workplaces? It’s remarkable how much we all have in common when we share life’s difficulties with each other. A wise president I had the privilege of working with early in my career would often remind me that perseverance was the singular difference between the impossible and the possible. As an influential leader, take a few moments to think about how your life lessons have prepared you and enabled you to make a worthwhile difference to your organization?

Lastly, and not least of the four traits, is an art and a virtue and that is Patience. It continues to fascinate me how successful leadership is exclusively equated with achieving results. However, as I continue to co-partner with leaders at all levels in different size organizations and sectors; the absolute catalyst to fully achieve results calls for patience. Mastering patience gives you the strength to wait or delay what you want to do while having the courage to take ownership for choosing to champion others.

Imagine how together these four powerful leadership traits can be the stimulus for shifting conversations throughout your organization that fire-up bona fide collaborative action to achieve your vision?

Author: Trish Maguire

Synergyx Solutions is a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Consulting practice. With over 40 years of dedicated experience and discoveries about personal and organizational leadership Trish Maguire founded Synergyx Solutions in 2004. Our express purpose is to co-partner with leaders to create and promote winning cultures. As people keep on seeing their work be increasingly voluminous, ever-shifting, more complex and progressively more ambiguous, our unique touchstone “Leadershift” in Action is a call to everyone – individuals, teams and leaders for changing the game.

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