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A Positive Influence

Trish co-partnered with a CEO, HVAC Manufacturing and coached the senior management team to take an “inside-out” approach, using assessments tools introduced a process of personal discovery and supported the CEO in facilitating cross-functional goal alignment. She coached the CEO and senior management team to apply similar principles and practices to their own leadership and organizational development. Trish’s positive influence enabled the team to transition to a more forward-focused, people-centric, shared results culture.

— HVAC Manufacturing


Addressing Key Challenges

Succession Planning was a key challenge for a recently appointed VP Human Resources with a Bio-Technology Company who was frustrated with the lack of recognition and readiness of the company with respect to their current and future talent needs. Using real time support, organizational design, competency based behavioural assessment tools Trish coached the VP on developing and introducing new strategies to the management team that supported identifying their people’s strengths, inherent traits and interests. The strategy provided a framework that enabled the VP to co-facilitate conversations and decisions with her peers about each division’s talent requirements for their current and future organizational needs. This framework also served as a starting point for the VP to have conversations with her colleagues on finding the balance between choosing to develop their own people and hiring externally for the “right fit.”

— VP Human Resources, a Bio-Technology Company


Listening And Acknowledging

A VP of Customer Service in major Financial Services Company was having a real problem with helping their immediate directors manage the successive changes over the previous 2 months with their respective teams. Performance was low and morale was even lower. With Trish’s coaching, the VP’s and Directors were introduced to a variety of conversational tools designed to help move their teams from feelings of distrust to trust. Over the course of 4 – 6 months the VP experienced that conversations in their usual management meetings became far more cooperative and idea-sharing and considerably less time was wasted on complaints about people’s resistance. In addition successive changes that were mandated down were being received with more curiousity than fearfulness.

— VP of Customer Service, a Financial Services Company


Creating Mutual Success

Trish coached a Senior Leadership Team in a Secure Documents Services Company on defining and practicing a meaningful leadership skills strategy that would strengthen their commitment to creating a mutual success business culture where people were engaged and energized. By co-partnering with the senior leadership team Trish was able to introduce and implement effective coaching, mentoring and feedback methodologies/tools and practices that enabled the leaders themselves to adopt new behaviours that supported a more mutually collaborative culture and improved overall business results.

— Senior Leadership Team, a Secure Documents Services Company


Confidence And Willingness

Trish’s broad business experience enabled her to successfully coach a Sr. Engineering Director, Logistics/Supply Chain Services. By learning how to create a safe and trusting environment, the Senior Director was open and prepared to explore and address some personal barriers and limiting beliefs and modify his leadership approach. In doing so, Trish enabled him to develop greater self-awareness, a new sense of confidence and willingness to adopt new leadership behaviours. Choosing to me the shift enabled him to create a more open trusting leadership style with his team and healthier inter-relationships with his colleagues both of which delivered better business results.

— Sr. Engineering Director, a Logistics/Supply Chain Services


A Personal Roadmap

A Sr. VP in a Life Insurance Company had reached a point in their career when they had started asking themselves “Is this all there is – is this where I flat-line and keep doing the same job until I retire – and if I do decide to retire what do I do next – how would I start to go about working that out?” In meeting with Trish the Sr. VP expressed she would love to make a change and do something she really loved to do but just didn’t know what that would be. She was also more concerned that her de-motivation was negatively impacting her current role and was afraid that she would be asked to leave or consider an early-retirement if things didn’t change and quickly.

Trish coached her through looking to see what the larger patterns were in her life, how they might impact her future life, what might she want to replicate, change, or do differently. Between the coaching and various tools/practices that Trish introduced, the Sr. VP was able to identify options that could potentially enhance her personal and professional life and began to craft and map a new career/life pathway.

She gained new insights about her experience, strengths, interests and value to the Company and developed a new sense of purpose that gave her confidence to approach the CHRO with a strategy of leading a mentoring/coaching program for the organization. Secondly she crafted a personal road-map about the next stage in her life that she could begin immediately researching and preparing for.

Senior Vice Predsident, a Life Insurance Company